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 Feedback from Kit Builders

Feedback from the people who build my kits, is very valuable to me. I depend on feedback and suggestions to decide on new kits & plan improvement on existing ones. 

Feedbacks that I received: 


 ARRL Youth Forum Report: Feb 7th 2007



I recently received a crystal radio kit from you and your daughter. I had been looking for a reasonably priced crystal radio kit for sometime. I bought yours because I felt that I had little to loose for the price. Was I surprised. The quality of the PC board, the elegance of the circuit, it was all much more than I could have asked for.

I wanted something that I could assemble with a young person and give him/her a feel for radio and the accomplishment of having built a radio for them selves. This kit met or exceeded all of my expectations. Regrettably it will have to wait until I can get it assembled, it is winter here and not the weather for putting up a long wire antenna and the ground is too frozen to pound in a ground rod.

Next spring though I think that I will get together with my nephew.

Thank you for a very nice product, I just might have to try some of your "adult" projects.

Paul S. Hinman - VE6LDS
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hi Nina, you have a very nice website!

I was looking for some crystal radio information for our boy scout's troop (Google "crystal radio pcb" and found your site) and you have everything.

Thanks for all the excellent information. Thank your Dad too for posting the PCB software information - I hadn't heard of Kicad before.

Dale Scott
Calgary, AB, Canada

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